The Braque D'Auvergne is a gundog originating from the Auvergne area of France. The Braque d’Auvergne is an adaptable and versatile dog, with the ability to track, point, and flush and retrieve game, meaning it can fill the roles of two or three other, more specialised breeds, and so it became very popular in the region in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Vous pouvez aussi rechercher 1 club de race d'une autre race canine. If you are looking for a dog that is intelligent and obedient but gentle and affectionate in the home, consider the Braque d’Auvergne. A Veterinarian's Review of the Raw Diet for Dogs, Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, Doggy Dental Care – How to Keep a Dogs Teeth in Good Condition, Travel Vaccinations & Preparing Your Dog for Foreign Travel. DE TOUTES LES RACES. This is a working breed of great stamina, and so should be allowed as much exercise as is possible. While it enjoys the comforts of being indoors and the human contact this brings, it is a highly energetic breed that needs lots of exercise, and should only be considered by those with access to a garden to allow the dog to exercise its body and keen nose. LIMOGES (87) CACS-CACIBDélégué : M. Jean-Louis VIAUDTél. En cas de changement d'adresse ou autre, le signaler, à l'avance merci.Les cotisations payées après le 1er octobre 2020 seront prises en compte pour l'année 2021.Votre ATTENTION : NOUVELLES COORDONNEES pour ENVOI ADHESION !!! Braque d'Auvergne; Media in category "Braque d'Auvergne" The following 23 files are in this category, out of 23 total. Pour consulter ses coordonnées, cliquez ici [153 KB]. 2 listes à consulter :- liste de chiots disponibles des Adhérents Signataires de la Charte d'Elevage et Sélectionnés par la SCC en cliquant ICI. Chiots Braque d'Auvergne à vendre. It was developed to work in close attendance to its master, and this is reflected in the very strong attachment it forms to its owners. Al. Pages in category "Braque d'Auvergne" This category contains only the following page. The Braque d’Auvergne has a strong, but noble appearance, with great symmetry in its proportions. Saison 2021 Nouveau ! The Braque d’Auvergne originated in the Chantal sub-region of Auvergne, in south-central France, and although we cannot be sure when it was first developed, it certainly appears to have existed in close to its present form by the end of the eighteenth century. JONCOUR, MAURY, TASTETVAINQUEUR : NESCAFE (Br. Some of the knights returned to France, taking with them a type of black and white pointing dog. 2 listes à consulter : - liste de chiots disponibles des Adhérents Signataires de la Charte d'Elevage et Sélectionnés par la SCC en cliquant ICI. Vous recherchez un chiot braque d'Auvergne ? CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19-31 mai 2020, Phase 2 DéconfinementCommuniqué du Président de la SCC. The Braque d’Auvergne is a pointing breed and a versatile gundog that also makes a great family pet. Télécharger une feuille Appel à Cotisation en cliquant ICI [32 KB], Vous souhaitez connaître toutes les manifestations organisées par la R.A.B.A ?Rendez-vous sur la Page INFOS-MANIFESTATIONS. These dogs were bred to be a pointer and versatile gundog that originated in the mountain area of Cantal, in the historic Auvergne province in the mid-south of France. Le Braque d'Auvergne est un chien d'arrêt, puissant et fortement charpenté, accuse, sans lourdeur excessive, un type continental caractérisé. Despite not being a household name in the English-speaking world, the Braque d’Auvergne has enjoyed a moment in the spotlight, appearing alongside Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable in the 1961 movie, The Misfits. The breed was developed to hunt in the forests and mountains of the region, specifically to … Six chiens " Sélection Derby des Jeunes " étaient engagésauxquels les trois sélectionnés du jour pouvaient se joindre.Trois chiens ne prendront pas part au Derby des Jeunes :Princesse du Ruisseau de Montbrun à Mme POVOLNA, avec beaucoup de regret,Pégase des Monts Blancs de l'Auxerrois et Pirate des Hauts de Rouillac dont les propriétaires étant les examinateurs du jour, par éthique, n'ont pas pris part au Derby des Jeunes, ont fait courir leur chien pour le plaisir.Les finalistes :-OKA du Ruisseau de Montbrun à M. Loïc ABRIAL -PACCO du Ruisseau des Nuego Fedos à M. Philippe SCHEMBRI-PACHA du Ruisseau des Nuego Fedos à M. Philippe SCHEMBRI-POTION du Ruisseau de Montbrun à M. Vincent PROUST-PADDY des Englettes à M. Pascal MOUBAREK -ORIA à M. David HERIGAULTToutes nos félicitations et remerciements à tous les participants et acteurs des TAN 2020. Le braque d’Auvergne dit aussi bleu d’Auvergne est un chien de chasse puissant, endurant et polyvalent. Uiterlijk van de Braque d’Auvergne. The Braque d’Auvergne is a sensitive breed that is very good with children, and often displays a preference for their company. The Braque d'Auvergne is a breed of dog that is a descendant of ancient regional types of hunting dogs. Het lichaam van de Braque d’Auvergne heeft een harmonische bouw en heeft goede botten en sterke benen. VOTRE ATTENTION !! BRAQUE D'AUVERGNE (180) Group : n°7 - Pointing Dogs. LE BRAQUE D'AUVERGNE . CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19-15 mai 2020, Particuliers-Eleveurs : Reprise des CONFIRMATIONS CIRCULAIRE SCC/Séances CONFIRMATIONS [207 KB] The French have had a long love affair with pointers, and, because of the size and geographic variation in the country, many different pointer breeds have been developed over the centuries, each reflecting the particular demands of their native region. The males are taller and more muscled than the females. pour prise en charge chiot réservé. The Braque d'Auvergne also says Bleu d'Auvergne has a nose and a unique flair. Looking at this dog it should be easy to tell that it is a skilled hunter because it looks so similar to a number of pointing breeds including the German Shorthaired Pointer and the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. The result of this breeding programme was a dog with keen scenting abilities and the tenacity to follow a long trail through heavy vegetation and woodland. Chien d'arrêt polyvalent, intelligent, endurant et courageux, il est le partenaire idéal du chasseur. However, if kept as a pet, it will certainly enjoy the experience of partaking in such trials, where the opportunity exists. It displays a mix of black and white markings, with black flecks throughout that create the illusion of a blue tinge. du 24/03/2020INFO SCC - Mise au Point ICIORDRE NATIONAL des VETERINAIRES communiqué -16/03/2020, à l'attention de tous les éleveurs LOF :lien SCC, Pour tous les cynophiles :Le CATALOGUE de la MEDIATHEQUE de la SCC est en ligne et à Consulter. The Braque d’ Auvergne, or “Auvergne Pointer”, was developed in France by hunters who wanted a strong dog that could hunt tirelessly. Le Braque d'Auvergne est un chien d'arrêt polyvalent. hhttps//, Vous souhaitez obtenir des renseignements ? Le dimanche 28 mars 2021, ANGERS (49) CACS-CACIBDélégué : M. Pascal HUGERTél. Vous pouvez vous adresser à votre DELEGUE DEPARTEMENTAL. de la CUNCARésultats Concours 2021 ICI___________________________________________________OPEN DE FRANCE Field Trial d'AUTOMNE 2020 - ContinentauxJuges : MM. The low number of Braques available for breeding means they are a valuable commodity, and not generally used for cross-breeding. The Braque d’Auvergne is a French breed used as a hunter, pointer, and retriever. It is a breed of ancient origins, known for two centuries in the Cantal region. La passion du Braque d'Auvergne. Although extensive studies on disease incidence and mortality are lacking, because of the low numbers of Braques d’Auvergne kept as pets, it is believed the breed has a life expectancy of 12–14 years. 85000 La Roche Sur Yon . ),association affiliée à la CENTRALE CANINE reconnue d'utilité publique. Das gilt übrigens auch für Begegnungen mit Artgenossen. Central Canine. The short coat requires very little grooming; a short brushing session once a week will be plenty to keep it in good condition. Le Braque d'Auvergne est un chien qui ne demande que très peu d'entretien. L'origine du Braque d'Auvergne se situe dans le Cantal. The strong, upright limbs give the Braque d’Auvergne an easy, light gait that it is capable of maintaining all day, allowing it to cover long distances, and the lower limbs are sturdy, with enough bone stock to withstand the inevitable knocks and twists they must suffer while working over uneven ground. It is d… ANNULEE ! In countries where the practice is still permitted, it is usually docked to around half its length, though it should reach as far as the hocks if unmutilated. They are exceptionally affectionate dogs that dote on children, and are extremely gentle and patient with them. However, the tiny number of dogs from which the breed was re-established in the mid-twentieth century means there is likely to be a reasonably high incidence of genetic diseases, of which the following are known to be of concern: Hindlimb lameness caused by malformation of the hip joints. It is descended from the Braque Francais, which was the original French pointer, and it is thought that other scenthounds including the Grand Bleu de Gascogne and Petit Bleu de Gascogne were used to refine and enhance its tracking capabilities. The stop is pronounced, and as is typical of the French Braques, the muzzle and skull are not quite parallel, giving the dog a Roman nose. CONDITION ANIMALE-29 juin 2020Communiqué SCC [162 KB] Part of a large group of French pointers, the Braque d’Auvergne is a versatile gundog that also makes a wonderful pet, although very few of this rare breed find themselves in homes where their hunting prowess is not exploited. Le braque d'Auvergne, bien que surtout chien de chasse à la base, est un chien de compagnie parfait qui possède un bon caractère : il est doux, affectueux, franc, obéissant et s'adapte facilement à toutes les situations familiales, même avec des enfants en bas âge.Il aime la vie de famille et est toujours très proche de son maître auquel il est foncièrement dévoué. Braque D’Auvergne - New Litter Born in US on Thanksgiving, Nov. 28 Welcome our 10 puppies (4 males and 6 females)! Le vendredi 14 mai 2021 à LANTY (58) AGO du club et DINER annuel de la R.A.B.A.Le samedi 15 mai 2021 à LANTY (58) CACS EXPOSITION Nationale de la R.A.B.A.Renseignements Délégué : M. Mickaël APPLENCOURT06. : michael.applencourt@orange.frSecrétaire : Mme Liliane BOUDIA07. : lilianeboudia13@orange.frENGAGEMENTS possibles sur télécharger :Feuille d'engagement [215 KB] The neck is relatively long, approximately the length of the head, with a subtle muscular arch and a slight dewlap. ... Seances Confirmation. Le 30 octobre 2020 : INFOS de la SCC, CHAMPIONNAT DE FRANCE de la SCC à DIJON (21)avec attribution d'1 CACS par journéeLe Samedi 5 juin et le Dimanche 6 juin 2021RENSEIGNEMENTS en ligne-Circulaire SCC/COVID :Le délai d’homologation des Titres de Champion est porté à 3 ans.Formulaires SCC/Homologation Titre Champion Exposition ICI.Nouveau règlement Challenge Beauté : " Le Laureat Standard ". Date of publication of the standard: English AUVERGNE POINTER: 4/2/2004: Français BRAQUE D'AUVERGNE: 4/2/2004: Deutsch BRAQUE D'AUVERGNE: 5/12/2004: Español BRACO DE AUVERNIA: 11/3/2004: Section: Continental Pointing Dogs: Cond. Confirmation des chiens de chasse : épagneuls bretons, braques allemands, braques d'Auvergne, examen réussi ! Celui-ci consiste principalement à le brosser régulièrement et à inspecter et nettoyer ses oreilles. Those looking to enter their dog in canine sports should note that, although it is an able hunter in the field, its slow pace means it is unlikely to excel in competitive tracking. The confirmation is deemed to have been received at the moment that the licence holder has sent the confirmation to the e-mail address provided by the user. d'engagement DUNKERQUE [513 KB] There are no user comments for this listing. Des dizaines d'annonces d'éleveurs pour trouver une portée de chiots Braque d'Auvergne à … licences version numérique.CR Réunion CUNCA [642 KB] Le site que vous consultez actuellement est le site OFFICIEL de la REUNION DES AMATEURS DU BRAQUE D'AUVERGNE (R.A.B.A. The upper lips are well developed, and overlap the lower, as well as enhancing the square shape to the muzzle. Nos espaces. Their head is domed with a long, blunt muzzle. Pensez à sauvegarder notre Patrimoine Régional Vivant qu'est notre Braque d'Auvergne. Son utilisation en chasse pratique ne nécessite quasiment aucun dressage tant ses qualités sont naturelles. Welcome to The Braque d'Auvergne Association The club aims to promote responsible ownership of the Braque d'Auvergne and raise awareness of this dual purpose, … While a smaller dog might tolerate this defect, affected Braques d’Auvergne require corrective surgery to prevent long-term damage to the joint. Mon compte . It is very sociable with other dogs, but its strong ingrained hunting instinct means it should not be homed with other smaller pets. The Braque d’ Auvergne was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 2006. Due to the different hunting needs in the different parts of France, the Braque Francais Gascogne was crossed with a lot of other local scent hounds. The Braque d’Auvergne was named for the region of Auvergne, located in South Central France. It is a pointer and versatile gundog. Plan Déconfinement-Confirmations ICI [42 KB] Medium in size, it stands 53–63 centimetres at the withers and weighs 48–60 pounds. They have rounded edges, and hang down just short of the nose when the dog dips its head. Reportée le samedi 03 juillet 2021 ! -04 mai 2020, Gérard THONNAT juge 6ème Groupe, élu Président de la SCC.communiqué SCC-23 avril 2020, Démission du Président de la SCCcommuniqué SCCCORONAVIRUS/COVID-19ELEVAGE: communiqué SCC [199 KB] Eher ziehen sich die Hunde zurück, um einer Konfrontation aus dem Weg zu gehen. The Braque d’ Auvergne, or “Auvergne Pointer”, was developed in France by hunters who wanted a strong dog that could hunt tirelessly. It is a breed of ancient origins, known for two centuries in the Cantal region. Unless being walked on hard surfaces, the Braque’s strong nails will need to be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks with strong clippers, and the waxy ears should be cleaned around once a fortnight to prevent a build-up of wax. Le Braque d'Auvergne a une quête méthodique et raisonnable, ni trop restreinte ni démesurée. Although it remains a rare breed today, it is no longer considered in danger of extinction, and 16 dogs were entered into the Kennel Club registry when the organization first opened its books to the breed in 2016. The tail is set high, and carried horizontally. Brittany may weigh 42 kg / 92 pounds lesser than Braque d'Auvergne. It requires little to no grooming, as its short, glossy coat is dirt-resistant, and is a very healthy breed, with few serious genetic problems documented. !PROTOCOLE DYSPLASIE DE LA HANCHESuite à décision du Comité le 9 février 2019,le club aura 2 lecteurs officiels à compter du 15 juillet 2019,le Docteur J-F LEFOL ou le Professeur P. FAYOLLE.Aussi, les propriétaires en demande de lecture de dysplasie des hanches devront :1) après choix, faire envoyer la radio par leur vétérinaire à l' UN OU l'AUTRE des lecteurs officiels,2) envoyer soi-même par courrier la demande de lecture avec documents annexes auprès du lecteur officiel choisi.Nous sommes à votre entière disposition pour toute question. The chest is well sprung, and the sturdy abdomen is tucked, with only a slight hollowing at the flanks. Our children, very attached to cynophyls traditions, spend hours in his company. Feuille d'engagement AGNETZ [1 184 KB] Auvergne Pointer 2.JPG 467 × 499; 153 KB. ... En février 2013, mon propriétaire décide de m'inscrire à la confirmation lors de l'exposition internationale de Toulouse et s'est dit qu'en même temps il pouvait me présenter au concours de beauté. Nombreux sont les participants qui viennent faire confirmer leur chien. Association Canine Territoriale de Vendee . It mixes very well with other dogs, and is said to be happier when living with at least one other dog, but its strong prey drive precludes it from being kept with other small pets, including cats. However, the German occupation of World War II proved devastating, and the vast majority of those dogs not killed by the conflict itself were abandoned or killed by their owners, who did not have the resources to feed them. The Braque d'Auvergne is, also, very popular to hunt wood-cock.-----Nos enfants , très attachés aux traditions cynophiles, passent des heures en sa compagnie. Without at least one hour every day, and preferably a lot more, the Braque d’Auvergne is likely to suffer from obesity, along with the psychological consequences of boredom and frustration. De vacht is een mengeling van wit en zwart, waardoor de vacht een houtskool achtige kleur krijgt. du 01/07/2020GESCON est OUVERT.A télécharger le CALENDRIER 1er SEMESTRE 2021 [288 KB] The Braque d’Auvergne originated in the Chantal sub-region of Auvergne, in south-central France, and although we cannot be sure when it was first developed, it certainly appears to have existed in close to its present form by the end of the eighteenth century. Nos petits-enfants en font un partenaire de jeu idéal. Reunion des Amateurs du Braque d'auvergne Club officiel de race affilié à la Société Centrale Canine . The Braque d'Auvergne is a breed of dog originating in the mountain area of Cantal, in the historic Auvergne province in the mid-south of France. The breed descends from ancient regional types of hunting dogs. Our grandchildren make it an ideal playing partner. The French have had a long love affair with pointers, and, because of the size and geographic variation in the country, many different pointer breeds have been developed over the centuries, each reflecting the particular demands of their native region. Un site proposé par. The Braque d'Auvergne is a medium to large purebred from France bred to be a Pointer and a gundog but also kept as companion because as well as being a skilled hunter it is affectionate, gentle, and obedient. Both Brittany and Braque d'Auvergne has almost same litter size. Ich habe auch noch nie erlebt, dass diese Rasse gegen Menschen aggressiv reagiert. Adhérer au Club de Race [134 KB], A lire la NEWSLETTER de la SCC/Décembre 2020Communiqué du 06 novembre 2020 ICI [192 KB] Il est recommandé de brosser le chien toutes les semaines pour entretenir la santé et la beauté de son poil. This is seen in its trainability, for its eagerness to please and intelligence make it a joy to work with. Brittany may grow 13 cm / 5 inches shorter than Braque d'Auvergne. Access to a good-sized garden is mandatory, though it must be well fenced to foil any attempts at escape. - liste de chiots LOF disponibles des Adhérents ICI [114 KB] Il s'adapte à tous les biotopes et se passionne pour tous les gibiers. The nose is black and has large, open nostrils, while the oval-shaped eyes are a dark hazel shade. Braque d'Auvergne. -homologation des Titres de Champion-double Championnat de France en 2021-Championnat de France 2021 -Dérogation [192 KB] GENERAL APPEARANCE LANTY Clôture le 30 avril 2021 (engagement papier)Clôture le 02 mai 2021 (engagement Internet Cedia) Réservation Repas LANTY [269 KB] The ideal height ranges for males and females are 57–63 cm (23–25 in) and 53–59 cm (21–23 in), respectively, and both sexes weigh in at between 22 and 28 kg (48–62 lb). Attestation-dérogation chiot réservécommuniqué SCC le 06 novembre 2020 ICI [192 KB] Ses oreilles sont à garder propres pour éviter d'éventuelles inflammations ou infections. jeux entre frères et soeurs pendant que les mamans et les autres sont à la recherche du lapin perdu ! Signs usually first seen from around 6 months of age. The breed is also very intelligent, and can adroitly adapt its behaviour between work and home life. 2 Clôtures :09 mai 2021 et19 mai 2021 (Tarifs majorés), BULLETIN " LE BLEU " N° 150 Septembre/Octobre 2020 :-Communiqué [53 KB], A lire, prendre connaissance : " les RENCONTRES SAINT HUBERT "cliquez ICI [12 799 KB], CHAMPIONNAT du MONDE 2020 à Madrid :ANNULATION DU CHAMPIONNAT DU MONDE 2020, REPORT EN 2022 (COVID 19). Luciano BOUCHERVICE VAINQUEUR : Pas attribué___________________________________________________HOMOLOGATIONS Titres Travail SCC 2020 :MOUNE des Sources de la Hulotte 4/6 et NED de la Veyradeyre 4/6 à M. Bernard FUERTESont obtenu le titre de Champion des Field-Trials sur Gibier Tiré.Nouveau règlement Challenge Travail : " Le Champion de la Race "Formulaires Travail SCC :demande Homologation Titre Travail [136 KB] Pour la Sauvegarde du Patrimoine l'Elevage des … Its playful, sociable manner means that it does not perform well as a guard dog; although it might raise the alarm when hearing something strange, it is entirely without aggression, and will not attempt to defend its territory from intruders. [179 KB] demande Attestation classe Travail [112 KB], POTION du Ruisseau de Montbrun Vainqueur-ORIA Vice. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of health data on the Braque d’Auvergne, which appears to be due to a combination of its scarcity outside France and it being kept almost exclusively as a working dog. Most strongly influenced by genetics, but excessive exercise and poor nutrition in puppyhood are also predisposing factors. Braque d'Auvergne. It was, and is, a relatively slow-moving hunter, expected to work very closely in cooperation with its human handler, rather than to roam ahead and work independently. The puppies are beautiful, big and healty with a big appetite Some still available. CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19-03/07/2020 Circulaire SCC/Service LOF [259 KB] The ears are set reasonably high and far back on the skull. The Braque d’Auvergne is a breed of versatile gun dog native to France. VALENCE (26) CACS-CACIBDélégué : M. Gérémy ZAPATATél. It has a rectilinear build, having a back that is the same length as the forelimbs, a chest that is let down half-way to the ground, and a head that is divided equally into skull and muzzle lengths. Description générale. Avec Achetermonchien, achetez votre chiot ou chien de race Braque d'Auvergne.